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Think Longer

It may sound counter-intuitive, but arranging furniture to make your narrow living room appear even longer is another helpful solution. You can fit in more seating while still keeping the space neat. To achieve balance, place a chair-and-a-half or love seat at the very end of the room, even if it’s in front of a window. If there’ a window, make it appear grander and larger by hanging striking drapery.

Think Angular

If you have a very long but somewhat narrow room, it can still look like a tunnel. Arrange your furniture at an angle. Break up the space of an extra-long room that has a bit of extra width with a compact sectional on an angle. Set the piece on top of an area rug that’s also angled.

Think Circular

Soften alley-like spaces by placing a rounded, oval or upholstered coffee table in the mix. An ottoman-style coffee table can double as extra seating when necessary. If you prefer rectangular tables, longer, narrower pieces work well in front of a sofa located on one of the long walls.

Tiled Wall

Take your backsplash all the way to the ceiling for a modern and clean look.

Double-Duty Table

Let a rustic dining table double as a comfy prep station for big family meals this summer.

Island Storage

Hide linens, platters and single-use items under the island. Hidden cabinets on both sides double up as a place to stash pots and pans.

Useful Tips for
Home Decor

01. Pick Blackboard Paint

Kids' rooms (and kitchens) are the perfect place for a splash of chalkboard paint. Add tactile materials and bursts of colour to keep it cosy.

02. Show Off Top Treasures

Whether it's dolls, crafts or trophies, proudly display your child's most treasured possessions with hooks or shelving around the room's perimeter.ы

03. Add Colour in the Kitchen

Bring a gallery kitchen to life with a bold paint choice on the end wall. Here Farrow and Ball's Charlotte's Locks makes an impact, with lighting adding further accents of orange.

Abigail Bristow
Co-Founder of Lava Home Decor